1. What is the difference between the activities in green, yellow or orange and in blue, pink or violet ?
The activities in green, yellow or orange are for registered attendees.
The ones in blue, pink or violet are optional activities, things that we expect many of the fellas to enjoy but not all to show up to. They are not included in any registration but we try as much as possible to obtain discount or perks for the SUGARBEARWEEKEND attendees. These include some of the meals and 5 to 7 and evenings partys at STUID BAR.
2. What do we do at the Sugar Shack ?
Seriously, Sugar Shack is a huge social ritual in Quebec. It's all about greeting & smiling & talking & listening & eating & drinking & meeting in an manly and friendly atmosphere and then doing all that some more. It's 'family style' in all of the best ways, with everyone included, full of wonderful handsome men, all happy to be in each other's company. The foods are special seasonal ones and many are made with pure maple syrup (forget about carbohydrates and indulge yourself!)(Diabetics need to take care!). Taffy on the snow is by itself worth the trip. The location and ambience are also really unique.
It doesn't end there though, brunch is only the start of a wonderful day! See schedule for details!
3. What is on the menu ?
The food served during a Sugar Shack party is inspired by what lumberjacks used to eat to celebrate the maple sugar season. These (beefy) guys were working hard, needed a lot of energy and had no clue about carbs, Atkins or "nouvelle French cuisine" ! The meal is therefore simple and family style with eggs, ham, homemade pat, marinades and a LOT of pure maple syrup.
The menu is not very vegetarian friendly (depending if you include eggs in your diet or not). For more details see the menu shown in the Sugar Shack section.
4. Where can I stay and what is the price of a room ?
See the "Host B&Bs" section for a preview of the affiliated B&Bs. Our hosts have several styles of rooms at different rates. We encourage you to visit their website for an overview then email or call for exact details.
5. Will there be a sauna party ?
We worked hard to organize a time at a spa. It will be Friday afternoon and it is an activity with mandatory registration. See the schedule page for more details.
6. What about Ride Sharing ?
Many fellas will be driving here, some from a considerable distance. We encourage those driving, and those looking for rides, to communicate with others fellas by the who's going button on the website of the SUGARBEARWEEKEND, so they can meet up & come together.
7. How long can I put off deciding ?
The maximum number of participants is limited. Each passed year we were sold out at the begining of March. We strongly suggest that you register as soon as possible.